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Meditate at the beach

Healing Meditations

Healing from mother loss affects each one of us differently. There are so many ways for a child to lose her mother, and each way carries its own set of struggles.  Here, I offer you a set of many guided meditations to fit many of the obstacles you may face from the loss of your mother. 

Womb Honouring Meditation

For a lot of women who lost their mothers when they were young, the idea of being a mother herself is hard to fathom.  Here, I offer you a meditation you can use to honour your womb for it's intended purpose, without actually doing so. 

Forgiveness Meditation

The difference between guilt and shame is that guilt says "I did something bad", where as shame says "I AM something bad". We can make mistakes, that is human, but when we make these mistakes dictate who we are, we lose our confidence, and our trust in ourselves.  You need to be able to forgive yourself for actions you took due to your grief.  

Self Love Meditation

Are you the kind of person that people come to when they need support?  Do you consider yourself a caretaker? Do you much of the time neglect your own needs to assist others with theirs?  What you need is a good dose of self love!

Cutting Cords Meditation

Do you often feel drained of energy when you are interacting with  specific people? When you leave these people, do you feel lethargic, and like you need to sit or lie down?Sometimes we need to cut energetic cords from someone in order to rest. Without meaning to, they have attached themselves to you because your energy gives them strength. 

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