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Inner Child Healing Workshop

Inner Child Healing Workshop

When we are young, we develop defense mechanisms to protect us from losing what we need to survive.  We know we need our parents to help us grow up, and losing one of these vital figures leads to very strong feelings of abandonment.  This feeling of loss grows into a fear we carry with us as we age, and our ego develops various ways to protect us from ever feeling this way again.  Sadly, a lot of the time, the strategy is to avoid letting anyone into our hearts.  If you don't get close to them, it wont hurt when they leave, right?  This leads us to  having very shallow relationships with anyone we meet.  

By recognizing that this pain stems from that hurt little child, we can connect with that part of ourselves, and let them know that it is safe now, and we can let go of that fear.  I will guide you through a practice of meeting your inner child, giving them the love they need by validating the fear, and at last, letting it go.

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